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        Holley is growing everyday and helping its partner to enbrace a bright future. Please learn more about our update in this media center and follow us through all the available media tool

        Hofusan Industrial Park In Amerian

        March 15 , 2017

        Hofusan Industrial Park is invested and developed by Hofusan Real Estate Co., Ltd., a joint-venture of Holley Group, Futong Group and Santos Family, where Holley Group holds 51% share.

        Hofusan Industrial Park is located 20 kilometers north to Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, and 200 kilometers south to Laredo U.S.A. The construction area is 8.47 km2 and will accommodate 150 to 200 companies after completion by the end of 2017.

        As a core subsidiary of Holley Group, Holley Technology Ltd. is actively preparing for this good opportunity to open the American energy meter market.