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        Execution of BREB Order Completed

        October 17 , 2017

        With the 86th container leaving Holley warehouse on October 11th, 2017, Holley successfully completed the production and delivery of the BREB (Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board) contract of 1.66 million single phase meters, the biggest order the company has ever had from the overseas market.


        The contract was signed by end of May 2017. According to the contract, all meters shall be finished and delivered to BREB warehouse in 6 months. Directed by the senior management, the company gave high priority to this order. Under close and efficient collaboration from all concerned sectors, we overcame all difficulties and won the tough battle in four and half months.


        In mid-September, inspectors from BREB came to Holley for pre-shipment inspection. All randomly selected meters passed the tests. The inspectors highly praised the product quality as well as Holley’s comprehensive strength including R&D capability, production capacity and company management. Besides the work, they also enjoyed satisfactory leisure time. We believe the completion of the contract means not only a close of the order but also a start of new business.