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        Holley is growing everyday and helping its partner to enbrace a bright future. Please learn more about our update in this media center and follow us through all the available media tool

        October 18 , 2017

        Holley attended the European Utility Week

        The European Utility Week was held in Amsterdam on October 3, 2017 for three days and the EUW was the most important exhibition of the European energy industry , The exhibition covers a range of topics such as smart meters, smart grid, data management, smart home, AMR and AMI, as well as c...

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        June 27 , 2017

        Holley Attending SMUK Conference

        Holley Technology Ltd attended the Smart Energy UK Conference in London on the 2nd and 3rd of February. We’ve showed our range of SMETS2 electricity and gas meters at the event. UK Sales and Marketing Director Tony Hart took part in a panel discussion on day 1 of the event and gave his perspect...

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        June 21 , 2017

        Holley Meters Selected For SIT R1.3

        The Data Communications Company have today released details of the metering devices that will be used during the Systems Integration phase of testing the DCC environment. Holley Metering will be providing 5 meter variants to the DCC for SIT – two electricity meters and a gas meter. The meters have b...

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