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        Holley is growing everyday and helping its partner to enbrace a bright future. Please learn more about our update in this media center and follow us through all the available media tool

        October 17 , 2017

        Execution of BREB Order Completed

        With the 86th container leaving Holley warehouse on October 11th, 2017, Holley successfully completed the production and delivery of the BREB (Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board) contract of 1.66 million single phase meters, the biggest order the company has ever had from the overseas marke...

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        September 18 , 2017

        The visit of ECG in Holley

        The customers from ECG have stayed in Holley for 15 days to be trained about AMI meter software and hardware function and operation training, AMI system function and operation training, AMI system construction and operation training, PDA software function and use training, etc. D...

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        March 15 , 2017

        Hofusan Industrial Park In Amerian

        Hofusan Industrial Park is invested and developed by Hofusan Real Estate Co., Ltd., a joint-venture of Holley Group, Futong Group and Santos Family, where Holley Group holds 51% share.Hofusan Industrial Park is located 20 kilometers north to Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, and 200...

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        December 05 , 2016

        Holley Meters Selected For SIT R1.3

        The Data Communications Company have today released details of the metering devices that will be used during the Systems Integration phase of testing the DCC environment. Holley Metering will be providing 5 meter variants to the DCC for SIT – two electricity meters and a gas meter. The meters have b...

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        June 15 , 2016

        Holley’s Product Show In The Industrial Exhibition of Uzbekistan

        From 8 to 11 June 2016, the Industrial Exhibition of the complex on geology, fuel and energy complex, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industry was held in the National Exhibition Complex "Uzexpocenter" for the 10th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange. Holley al...

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