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        Holley is growing everyday and helping its partner to enbrace a bright future. Please learn more about our update in this media center and follow us through all the available media tool

        Holley has a profession team focuses on total design, total integration, total service and whole contract of intelligent factory total solution. We provide intelligent storage system, automated guided vehicle(AGV), meter intelligent verification system,cloud intelligent manufacturing execution system(C2MES) and motor intelligent production system.

        C2MES manufacturing system is a manufacturing execution system for the discrete manufacturing basing on our own design and development. The system will have a comprehensive control on the production of equipment, real-time data collection to achieve the workshop, machine, material, method and circle in the intelligent factory overall solution.

        Want To Have Your Own Manufacturing Plant Solution?

        Holley treasure the chance to work with any potential partner and dedicated to provide customized solution and get value for our customers. It is believed that there always be one solution in Holley’s collection perfect for you. Please send the inquiry to us by pressing the following button.

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