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        Whole Station

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        Holley is growing everyday and helping its partner to enbrace a bright future. Please learn more about our update in this media center and follow us through all the available media tool

        Aiming to “Guarding green homes to share healthy living”, Holley has focus on Solar photovoltaic products for years and succeeded on the solar grid project.

        According to the site to maximize the design of the station capacity, we configure a reasonable inverter and cable laying and select a reasonable grid mode (high voltage or low voltage).

        - Low-voltage grid-connected: According to group string (22-24 pieces of photovoltaic components for a group of strings), Each PV module is divided by group of string inverter parallel wiring, the cable access group string inverter DC side. The photovoltaic grid Inverter is into 400V three-phase AC, AC power cable to the AC confluence cabinet, confluence through the photovoltaic grid cabinet, access to the 0.4kV bus.

        - High-voltage grid-connected: The PV modules are connected in parallel to the DC converters according to the strings (22-24 blocks of PV modules), connected to the DC side of the centralized inverter via the cable, and the inverter is into 400V three-phase alternating current. AC power is through the cable to the step-up transformer, boosted through the photovoltaic high-voltage and network equipment, access to 10kV or higher level voltage bus.

        Based on the building structure safety grade and design life, the project building infrastructure meets the solar PV power plant 25 years’ service life requirements.

        Want To Have Your Own Solar Energy Solution?

        Holley treasure the chance to work with any potential partner and dedicated to provide customized solution and get value for our customers. It is believed that there always be one solution in Holley’s collection perfect for you. Please send the inquiry to us by pressing the following button.

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